Romania Activity tours
Halloween tour Dracula Transylvania

Day 1 - Welcome to Romania - October 28th

We will pick you up from Bucharest Airport;
Transfer to your Hotel for your first night in Romania.
Explore Bucharest city in the evening

Day 2 - Bucharest city tour - October 29


City tour of Bucharest in the morning
Visit the ruins of the Princely Palace, the castle that Dracula built for himself in the 15th century

The, Palace of Parliament - second largest building in the world -a legacy of a more recent "Dracula" - the communist dictator executed on Christmas day of 1989 - Ceausescu.


Drive to Targoviste, the capital of Wallachia during Prince Vlad Dracula's time

Visit the ruins of the Royal court which shelters many dramatic stories of greed, justice and cruelty.

Overnight in Curtea de Arges in Montana 3*** Hotel.

Halloween tour Dracula Transylvania

Day 3 - The real castle of Dracula - October 30

Visit the most spectacular castle of Dracula at Poenari - perched high on a rugged crag over the Arges gorge. There are 1480 steps to mount to get to the castle, but the view from the castle is absolutely magnificent.

In 1462 Prince Vlad was besieged here by the Turks. He sent to the village of Arefu across the hill for help but his wife, fearful of capture, threw herself of the cliff.

The villagers came at night and managed to smuggle the Prince across the high Carpathian to the safety of Transylvania and, in return, he gave them 16 mountains as pastureland, a reward they still remember, more than 500 years later!

Drive to Sighisoara, the place where Vlad Dracula was born in 1431. Sighisoara is a 700 Years old town with walls and watchtowers around. We will have the chance to see the house where Prince Dracula was born.

Overnight in a 500 years old hotel Casa Wagner 3*** hotel in the medieval center of Sighisoara


Day 4 - Dracula's birth town - October 31

Explore the walled town of Sighisoara. The town used to have 16 defense towers, each assigned to a guild, like the shoemakers tower, or the blacksmiths tower. The guild members were in charge of maintaining the towers and when the town was attacked they had to defend their tower.

9 of these towers are still standing and we will discover every one of them and their stories.

The Clock Tower is the most important of the towers, and we can climb it for a stunning view over the medieval town.

In the evening we arrive to Bran - the old gateway between Wallachia (Dracula’s land) and Transylvania (the country where he was “”exiled”)

Spend the night at Moeciu in a superb countryside lodge in the heart of Carpathian Mountains.

Halloween tour Dracula Transylvania

Day 5 - The mythical Castle - November 1

Visit the Bran Castle - this is where Bram Stoker (the author of Dracula novel) imagined the dramatic story of Dracula.

Bran castle was built in 1377 to defend Transylvanian against the the nomadic tribes from south of the Carpathians. Later Bran castle belonged to Dracula's grand father - Mircea the Old - and was constantly disputed by Vlad Dracula.

In the afternoon we will explore the medieval town of Brasov. Surrounded with 2 lines of thick stone walls, towers, bastions and moats, the old town of Brasov was the perl of Transylvania.

Most of these structures are still standing like the  gothic Black Church, the beautiful town square, the old defense walls and watch towers plus one of the narrowest streets in Europe

Overnight back in the countryside at Moeciu.


Halloween tour Dracula Transylvania

Day 6 - Escape - November - 2

Drive to Bucharest Airport (2.5 hours) If your flight isn't too early we could stop to visit Snagov Monastery - the place where Vlad Dracula is burried.

Transfer to Bucharest Airport

Tour price 840 Euro / person

(Tour price is based on double occupancy Single supplements are 90 Euro)


  • All accommodation.
  • All meals
  • All transfers and transportation.
  • English speaking guide
  • All entrance fees to castles and museums

Price does not include:

  • alcoholic beverages,
  • airfares,
  • any insurance,
  • visa taxes

NOTES: The actual itinerary may change in order to benefit the most from local happenings.